Wednesday, 5 July 2017


       Where is God when I am looking for Him. What is the purpose of life? I am searching and I am still looking. I am still clueless. This phase of life makes me looking for the answer, I am still not giving up or I just don't know. I am in need of help. I have tried so much but the emptiness still creeping me inside. The conservatives will say "Just go and pray and you will find the answer". I prayed but I am still here could not understand what is the answer towards my questions. So, this journey will begin. I am still on my way for looking a solid answer.
        I am studying through books, stay up all night and yet the answer is not there. I learned that I have to keep on hoping as I will gain rewards in the future after this hardship. It has been years I am in this struggle, I am crawling and I am so afraid of tomorrow. I am still in hardship and I want to get out from this mess.

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